6333_135881555154_4108459_nI hope you will let me be part of your healing.  My name is Wayne Aaron. I founded Massage Blessings here in San Antonio in 2007.  I have a passion for helping people get free from muscular pain and ease their stress. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, and in 2010 became a certified Medical Massage Practitioner.  My techniques are virtually pain free, so if you have had discomfort from a massage in the past, I believe I can help you.  It has been my experience that, while one massage will feel good, long term muscular issues take several sessions to get more permanent relief.  I know that can be a financial burden. That is why I offer packages of sessions at a reduced price to make it easier to make return visits.

I was truly blessed today by Massage Blessings. Wayne has such a gentle, trusting soul and is very attentive to the needs of his clients. i relaxed to meditative music and the warmth of the bed & oils. Wayne made me feel comfortable and in addition to a relaxing massage, gave some great recommendations for pain relief and maintaining good posture & muscle health until the next massage.
Robin L
I saw Wayne for “tennis elbow” and residual pain from shoulder surgery. I walked in in real pain. I walked out pain free. I also have hope to regain the last few inches of shoulder rotation. Thanks, Wayne!
Alesa V
Wayne is the most compassionate and skilled caregiver I have seen. After weeks of pain that kept me from daily living and sleep, Wayne has patiently brought me to a place of no pain and restored my daily activities. To lie down at night with the realization that you are pain-free and will be able to sleep is HUGE… and something most people take for granted.
Dorothy T



It’s time for you to heal.