When I talk to people about massage, especially ladies, I hear comments a lot about them being too shy.  Modesty is defined as behavior, manner, or appearance intended to avoid impropriety or indecency.  When I do a massage, my first concern is to protect your modesty.

One of the reasons that is so important to me is your trust.  Whether you are a man or a woman I want you to feel like you are safe and protected on my table. I am passionate about making my massage room a place you can feel like even your child would be safe there.

When I have you on my table for a therapeutic massage, the atmosphere should feel no different than being in your doctors office.  I am there to make you feel better.  The whole reason I went into massage was to make your muscles be more kind to you, to relax you and send you on your way feeling with less pain or without the pain you had when you arrived.

Your trust is an integral part of your treatment.  You should never have to feel you are not in control.  You determine how much or how little clothing you remove for your massage. You control the areas you want massaged or not touched.

I specifically chose my sheets because of the color and thread count to insure no color differences in areas of the skin can show through.  My lighting is set to give enough light for safety, but not to expose.

I uncover only areas I can legally work, such as the back, the arms, and legs.  No private areas of the body are ever uncovered.  When I work on the gluteals (hips), I never uncover the cleft area. The most that would show is much like if you were wearing a bikini.  Most clients leave their underwear on.

If you have any questions about modesty or what areas I am legally allowed to massage, please post here and I will be glad to answer your questions.

Draping for Modesty