Wayne Aaron, LMT, MMP


My Commitment to You

My mission. My mission is to get your muscles free from pain without causing you any additional pain or next day soreness.

Your Health and Healing. My training gave me the expertise, but my intuition and my passion for helping you walk away feeling better, gives me the skill to locate your problem areas and start the healing process.

Your trust.  Your trust is one of the most priceless gifts I get. I will bend over backwards to create an atmosphere you can feel safe and protected in. When you can relax in that, your healing process will be greatly enhanced.

Your comfort. I have taken steps to make your session as comfortable as possible. I have extra padding on my table. I have added a face cradle to keep your neck from bending side to side to make sure there is no other pressure on those muscles.  I have a bolster for under your ankles to help take pressure off your lower back. I can turn on a special heating pad on my table if you get cold, and to help relax your muscles. You can also request a blanket.  When I massage the feet, I wrap them in hot moist towels first to help relax you. The lighting I use is very subdued to give an atmosphere of relaxation and safety.,