I’ve had many massages but never one that didn’t hurt when they went deep. Thank you Wayne for blessed hands! Loved the facial massage! Next time I’m coming without makeup
Alicia G
Today I had the pleasure of taking my mom to Massage Blessings. Mom has arthritis. Wayne is the most gentle and effective masseuse she’s encountered. The music was just as soothing as his touch. Mom’s sciatica is very bothersome. She needed immediate relief. Wayne helped her manage her pain and she was totally relaxed. Afterward, we had quite a fun afternoon. Friends, we owe it to ourselves to patronize Massage Blessings. Wayne Aaron has found his true calling! When you visit, tell him Rhonda Mc sent you!
Rhonda M
It really makes a difference when someone is in their profession because it’s their passion, vs someone just trying to make a living. Wayne is sincere in his love for his profession, and it comes across with his approach with his clients
Deborah C
Wayne is wonderful and professional! He has done a great job helping to reduce and eliminate my pain! Thanks so much!
Betsey G
Wayne is the most compassionate and skilled caregiver I have seen. After weeks of pain that kept me from daily living and sleep, Wayne has patiently brought me to a place of no pain and restored my daily activities. To lie down at night with the realization that you are pain-free and will be able to sleep is HUGE… and something most people take for granted. Training is one thing, but the compassion and caring that is part of Wayne’s therapy is the difference that makes Wayne’s work excellent. If you have ever wondered or questioned the ability of what a massage can provide other than relaxation, go see Wayne and find relief and healing hands! Thank you, kind sir, for turning my world back around.
Dorothy T
I was truly blessed today by Massage Blessings. Wayne has such a gentle, trusting soul and is very attentive to the needs of his clients. i relaxed to meditative music and the warmth of the bed & oils. Wayne made me feel comfortable and in addition to a relaxing massage, gave some great recommendations for pain relief and maintaining good posture & muscle health until the next massage.
Wayne Aaron diligently worked through the mountains of knots up and down my shoulder blades. I felt myself breathing deep & relaxing after a challenging last week. I needed the massage both physically and mentally. Wayne was just the right hands and heart needed to aid in my healing! Wayne, thanks so much!
Robyn L
I saw Wayne for “tennis elbow” and residual pain from shoulder surgery. I walked in in real pain. I walked out pain free. I also have hope to regain the last few inches of shoulder rotation. Thanks, Wayne!
Alesa V
I went in for a deep tissue massage from Wayne at Massage Blessings. WOW! Do I feel great! I’ve had a lot of massages over the years, but I haven’t had very many really know how to give a true deep tissue massage. Wayne definitely knows his stuff. I’m calling him the “Master Coaxer of Muscles.” He worked on muscles in a way seldom seen. His pressure was perfect. His massage table adjusted to be close to the floor, told me he knew how to apply pressure correctly and more deeply. Although he went deep into the muscles, his steady, slow strides “coaxed” the muscles into relaxing easily & without pain. He took the time to work every muscle slowly and methodically. I was pleasantly relaxed and surprisingly energized after he was done. I couldn’t believe it was three hours later. It felt like a moment in time. I’ll be back in two weeks for another session. I highly recommend Wayne. He’ll make you feel comfortable and well cared for and your body will thank you. Definitely worth the trip. Thanks Wayne! : )
Teresa A
Wayne is a wonderful body worker. His passion for his work comes through in how he has patience and persistence in fixing your issues.
Cynthia P
Wayne was recommended by a coworker. I purchased multiple packages (at a “bulk” discount) from him once I figured out he was SUCH HIGH QUALITY for such a low price! I moved since then, and have tried 6 different (twice as expensive, very highly rated) people here… I actuslly texted him the other day to tell him to none of them match his skills and positive energy. My mother still sees him, I actually buy her packages often. She loves him too! Great guy, very professional, and very friendly. As a side note: I think everyone should know and feel comfortable enough to guide their therapist if they need something different or specific, remember they are not mind-readers and we all have different needs. 🙂 Wayne understand this about the human body and he always encourages you to listen to your body and communicate any needs to him.
Alina F
Wayne Aaron is a very attentive therapist who tries very hard to find out your needs with a thorough discussion. He really listens. This was my first visit and most Defiantly won’t be my last. I have had massages in the past and none compare to the one I had with Wayne. He is an excellent therapist. Highly recommended!!!
Tanya D