Getting Started

When you come for your massage, I will meet you at the door and escort you to my room. I will ask you to have a seat and fill out paperwork much like at your doctor’s office.

We will spend a few minutes getting to know your concerns and your needs for massage. I will be asking you questions to help me get a better feel for what your problem areas are such as type of work you do, if you have kids, or any other source of possible stress.  Your session starts when you are on the table.

If you need assistance completing the paperwork, we will cover all the items together. If it is your first time getting massage, I will cover the procedure for you.

During The Massage

Protecting your modesty is of utmost importance to me.  The more secure you feel, the better your session will help your healing process.  I will never be in the room while you disrobe or dress.  You determine your level of undress.  Most female clients leave their panties on, while some prefer to disrobe completely.  You do what you are comfortable with. I only uncover the areas I am legally allowed to massage.

I believe strongly in feedback.  Please don’t be afraid to let me know if I am doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable.  You will not hurt my feelings. Helping heal your muscular pain is easier if you let me know when my strokes hurt.  I can perceive your knots, but I have no way of perceiving your pain level.

During your massage, I may have to ask you about pressure levels, or if I am hitting the spots that bother you.  Please tell me if you want no other conversation.  Some clients are chatter boxes while some just want to zone out.  When you come to completely trust me, it is possible you may have accidental sounds happen. Very normal and will not offend me at all.  It is my goal to make your session with me as safe and comfortable as in your home.

After The Massage

I was certified in Medical Massage in 2010.  That is why my massages are virtually pain free.  If you have been injured, I don’t want to add to your pain.  I have a passion for helping you walk away from our session feeling better than when you arrived.  In the case of injuries, more than one session may be required.  I do have a package deal, 5 one hour sessions, at a reduced price.

After the massage, you could feel a little lightheaded. This is normal after working on tough spots. It could release lactic acid from your muscles like working out for the first time. I will offer you water and let you sit awhile until that subsides.